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Embroidered logos, graphics and colour schemes.

There is always a solution to adapting your brand. Whether you have a simple font style in mind, a printed reference or professionally designed digitized artwork with selected PMS (pantone matching system) or CMYK (printing colours), we can guide you in creating a wonderfully textured, unique and enduring embroidered name, event or logo. Sometimes, it's a simple reversal of colour schemes, the dropping out of background colour or the conversion to a single colour. You may just have a name for your organisation that needs a little spicing up. We have loads of experience to help you save time and money to best suit your needs. There are also hundreds of catalogued illustrations, digitized especially for embroidery. You're welcome to browse through them in our showroom.

We've compiled a few samples and tips that may help you visualize a final outcome for your brand. Let us know if you have any specific ideas, concerns or queries and the team at EmbroidMe Mona Vale will be happy to assist.

From colour to mono
Use contrasting colours
for 'bold' effects
Explore colour schemes for different applications
Explore colour schemes for different applications
Try changing angles & look into placement variations
Look into colour reversals
From colour to mono
Add graphics to reflect your product or service
The tonal quality of embroidery
can bring your graphic to life
A little movement and colour
goes along way
For individual identification vary the base or stitch colour